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  • How do I schedule a farm tour or birthday party?
    We are open by appointment only for private tours and parties. You can also email us at to set up a time and date that works for you. We are also on facebook and check messages frequently. Finally, you can contact Diana via text or call at 540-607-6190.
  • What is included in a farm tour?
    Our farm tours are 30 minutes long. You will meet all of our fun farm animals (rabbit, goats, pig, alpacas, chickens and horses) and as you interact with the animals, your host will teach you fun facts about each species as well as share their individual rescue story. If you feel comfortable, you may take our alpacas on a walk through the field, brush our ponies, play on the play structure with the goats, or frolick in the field with our playful mini pig, Lucy. Our friendly free-range chickens always enjoy our tours as guests may feed them. Our fee is $10 per person in your group tour. We offer an add on pony ride for $10 for our younger guests. We host groups as small as 2 people to as large as 15 people. There is no charge for an infant. We accept payment after your tour. (Check, cash, or paypal)
  • Are you open by appointment only?
    Yes; we are open by appointment only. Most of our tours occur in the spring and summer months. Occasionally we offer festival events that are open to the public on specific days.
  • How do I contact Top Notch Farm?
    You can email us at to set up a time and date that works for you. We are also on facebook and check messages frequently. Finally, you can contact Diana via text or call at 540-607-6190.
  • What is included in a farm party or birthday party?
    We have hosted several birthday celebrations at Top Notch and take great joy in making the day special for each person. We can tailor celebrations to the interests of the guest. The base package is for 10 active participants who will interact with the animals, take the alpacas on walks, play with the goats on our play structure, brush ponies, and more for 1.5 hours. The package also includes access to a picnic table and chairs if you wish to enjoy party refreshments. Please note that Top Notch does not provide food. Our base party fee is $250. Additional guests can be added for a fee of $10 per extra participant. (Note: For a young child's birthday party parent observers are not included as an "active participant" in the tour. They are able to stay and watch without paying an additional fee.)
  • Why do you have alpacas and what do you do with their fiber?
    Top Notch began the alpaca operation in 2020. The herd currently consists of 6 alpacas. Three of the alpacas assist with the educational farm tours. Guests enjoy feeding them, walking them, feeling their soft fiber, and listening to their gentle humming sounds. In addition to providing educational experiences to guests, the alpacas provide fiber that is sent away to the New England Alpaca Fiber Pool where it is used to make fiber products, including hats, gloves, socks, blankets, scarves and more. Several alpaca fiber products are available for purchase in the farm store. Additionally, we have alpaca manure , known as "Black Gold" by seasoned gardeners, for sale. Alpaca beans (poop) serve as the best fertilizer for plants as it can be put directly on plants and soil without burning them. Alpaca manure has a great balance of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium that most plants need. (1.5-.2-1.1). The alpaca beans can also be stretched to make "tea" for your seedlings. We can give you instructions on how to do this. If you are interested, we have alpaca beans available for $10 per 5 gallon bucket (about 25lbs). This is almost entirely free of other debris and just alpaca beans. Contact us for details. Here is a testimonial from one of our alpaca bean clients: "I purchased alpaca poop for my plants and it is miraculous! It does not have an odor and will not burn your plants, even applied directly to the soil. I have never had this many blooms on my geraniums! You can also put it in a watering can and dilute to make "tea". Also works great. Isaiah is a 4th grader who loves animals and does rescue work along with his family. He uses proceeds from his fertilizer business to fund the rescue needs of food, medicine, vet visits, etc. Support this wonderful family by buying this organic material that will do wonders for your plants!" - Kathy Whitten
  • Do you offer riding lessons?
    No ; Top Notch does not offer riding lessons at this time. We do, however, welcome guests who wish to have a hands on experience with ponies and grow more comfortable interacting with ponies before joining a lesson or show barn. We offer a special meet-greet-repeat program for young equine enthusiasts who wish to focus on learning more about ponies. This program can be tailored to your specific interests. Please message or call us for more information. The meet-greet-repeat plan would make a great birthday or holiday gift!
  • How do I find Top Notch Farm?
    We are located between Port Republic and McGaheysville in the small, rural community called Pineville. Our address is 9926 Goods Mill Road McGaheysville VA 22840. However, finding us using navigational apps can be a bit challenging. If have a scheduled appointment with us, please use google maps to find our farm. Do not turn until you see the Top Notch Farm sign at our gravel driveway as Google Maps continues to send people to our neighbor's driveway despite multiple attempts to contact Google Maps to correct this error. Do not use Waze to locate us as it completely misdirects people to the wrong location.
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