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Diana and Wes established Top Notch Farm in 2005 on a parcel of land that Diana's family has farmed  for many generations.  The farm and their family has grown tremendously since 2005, with the addition of horses, alpacas, goats and of course, four wonderful boys. The farm serves as a sanctuary for rescued and rehabilitated farm animals.  Many of the resident farm animals came from situations that left them in need of a soft landing to live out the rest of their days.   In addition to providing sanctuary to rescue animals, Top Notch is an operational alpaca fiber farm and thriving apiary.


Diana was raised on a working horse and sheep farm where her parents taught her the importance of compassion, empathy, dedication and hard work needed to care for animals.  It is this desire to see all of God's creation thrive in peace and harmony that led Diana and Wes to open their farm to tours and educational experiences in 2021.  Diana has spent over 20 years in the field of education enjoys combining her love of animals with her passion for education.

Wes grew up on a hobby farm where he learned to care for cattle and goats and make hay on hot summer days.  He does much of the heavy lifting  and repairs on the farm.  Recently, Wes studied beekeeping and added several hives to the farm.  He is the resident beekeeper and keeps the apiary thriving.

Their children (Bunte, Payton, Isaiah and Elias) contribute to the daily farm operations by feeding and caring for the animals.  They also assist with farm tours.  Isaiah, currently age 10, started his own animal rescue and has found loving homes for 40 rescue animals.


We believe educational experiences with farm animals lead to increased empathy, compassion and understanding that make our world a better place for all living creatures.






When guests tour the farm they are able to interact with our farm animals, including chickens, alpacas, pig, rabbit, goats, and ponies.  Experiences may include feeding chickens and alpacas, walking alpacas, cuddling goats, and playing with the pig ambassador, Lucy.  Our smaller guests can enjoy a pony ride on our pony ambassador, Jonah.

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